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Coroner - Death Cult 1986 (Suiza) [Thrash Metal]

1.Spectators Of Sin06:42
2.Spiral Dream04:43
3.Aerial Combat06:15
4.The Invincible07:00
Total playing time24:40

Cranium - Speed Metal Slaughter_1998 (Speed/Thrash) Suecia

1. Slaughter on the Dance Floor
2. Lawnmower Lover
3. Dentist of Death
4. S.R.T. (Satanic Rescue Team)
5. A Devil on the Drums / Sluts of Satan
6. Graveyard Romance
7. Satanic Holiday

Sepultura - Morbid Visions_1986 (Brasil)

01. Crucifixion
03. Empire Of The Damned
04. Funeral Rites
05. Mayhem
06. Morbid Visions
07. Show Me The Wrath
08. Troops of Doom
09. War

Discografia de Acid Drinkers (Polonia) Thrash/Crossover

Acid Drinkers - Are You A Rebel (1990)

1. Del Rocca
2. Barmy Army
3. I Mean Acid (Do Ya Like It ?)
4. Waitin' For The Hair
5. Lammin', Obtrusive, Vulgar, Emasculin' Machine (W.A.S.P. Cover)
6. I Fuck The Violence (I'm Sure I'm Right)
7. I Am The Mystic
8. Woman With Dirty Feet
9. Megalopolis
10. Nagasaki Baby
11. Moshin' In The Night (CD-Bonus)
12. Mike Cwel (CD-Bonus)

Descarga aca

Acid Drinkers - Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks (1991)

01 Are you a Rebel?
02 Too many Cops
03 Acid Drinker
04 Smoke on the Water
05 Yahoo
06 Max - he was here again
07 Ziomas
08 Traditional Birthday
09 Dirty Money, dirty Tricks
10 Angry and bloody
11 Street rockin'
12 We gotta find some Power
13 Don't touch me
14 Zorba
15 Flooded with Wine

Descarga aKato

Acid Drinkers - Vile Vicious Vision (1994)

01 Zero
02 (Voluntary) Kamikaze Club
03 Vile Vicious Vision
04 Pizza Driver
05 Under The Gun
06 Marian, Is A Metal Guru
07 Murzyn Mariusz
08 Balbinattor Edzy
09 Then She Kissed Me
10 Hats Off (2 This Lady)
11 Polish Blood
12 You Freeze Me
13 Midnight Visitor

Descarga akato

Acid Drinkers - Fishdick (1994)

01 Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
02 Oh, No! Bruno (NoMeansNo)
03 Deuce (Kiss)
04 N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)
05 Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)
06 Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC)
07 Run Run Away (Slade)
08 Fuckin' The Tiger (Acid Drinkers)
09 Highway Star (Deep Purple)
10 Balada (wersja radiowa)

Descarga akato

Acid Drinkers - Infernal Connection (1995)

1. Hyperenigmatic Stuff Of Mr. Nothing
2. Anybody Home?!
3. The Joker
4. Track Time 66.6 sec
5. Drug Dealer
6. Slow And Stoned / Method Of Yonash
7. Dancing In The Slaughter-House
8. IQ Cyco
9. Backyard Bandit
10. Infernal Connection
11. Konsument

Descarga akato

Acid Drinkers - The State of Mind Report (1996)

1. Private Eco
2. To Be the One
3. 24 Radical Questions
4. Solid Rock
5. United Suicide Legion
6. Pump the Plastic Heart
7. Maximun Overload
8. Solid Rock Part II
9. Wild Thing (Chip Taylor) (The Troggs Cover)
10. Walkway to Heaven

Descarga akato

domingo, 17 de diciembre de 2006

Ultimos de Cuba - Un Millon de Ratas (1991)

[Thrash/Heavy Metal Spain]

2.El Ultimo Papa04:51
3.Hatajo de Carbones02:45
4.Oraciones Etilicas03:33
5.Mal y Bien04:40
6.I Quan tot Hagi Passat05:03
7.Un Million de Ratas03:14
8.Jako Mate03:51
9.El Final03:23
Total playing time34:26


Pass: krist666

Rumble Militia - Destroy Fasism (1991)

[Thrash Metal /Crossover Germany]

1.Full Of Danger03:23
2.Dead End Kids04:05
4.Fright Or Stupidity06:38
5.Rumble Attack05:30
6.Nuclear Warfare - The Last00:35
7.Full Of Commercial04:10
8.Chile Under Pinochet07:42
9.The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle03:58
10.Never Trust A Buisness Pig01:01
11.Rise And Fight02:08
12.Nazis Raus03:41
14.Bang Til' Death (New Recorded Version)04:28
15.Can't Understand (live)02:49
16.Full of commercial - live02:12
17.A.M.F. (live)01:18
18.No Nazis (live)06:38
Total playing time01:08:21

Massacre - From Beyond (1991)

[Death Metal U.S.A]

Kam Lee : Vocals (Ex Death)
Bill Andrews : Drums (Death, Metalucifer)
Rick Rozz : Guitars (Ex Death)
Terry Butler : Bass (Ex Death, Ex Six Feet Under)

1.Dawn of Eternity05:12
2.Cryptic Realms04:52
4.Chamber of Ages04:51
5.From Beyond04:28
6.Defeat Remains04:17
8.Symbolic Immortality03:39
Total playing time38:24

Dark Angel - Darkness Descends (1986)

[Thrash Metal U.S.A]

1.Darkness Descends05:53
2.The Burning Of Sodom03:18
3.Hunger Of The Undead04:19
4.Merciless Death04:08
5.Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)04:18
6.Black Prophecies08:34
7.Perish In Flames04:52
Total playing time35:22

Entombed - Left Hand Path (1990)

[Death Metal Sweden]

1.Left Hand Path06:39
3.Revel In Flesh03:43
4.When Life Has Ceased04:11
5.Supposed To Rot02:04
6.But Life Goes On03:00
7.Bitter Loss04:22
8.Morbid Devourment05:26
9.Abnormally Deceased02:59
10.The Truth Beyond03:25
Total playing time39:51

Carcass - Heartwork (1993)

[Melodic Death Metal England]

1.Buried Dreams03:59
2.Carnal Forge03:55
3.No Love Lost03:23
6.This Mortal Coil03:50
7.Arbeit Macht Fleisch04:22
8.Blind Bleeding The Blind04:57
9.Doctrinal Expletives03:39
10.Death Certificate03:41
Total playing time41:55

Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction (1988)

[Goregrind/Grindcore - Melodic Death Metal England]

1.Genital Grinder01:32
2.Regurgitation of Giblets01:24
3.Maggot Colony01:37
4.Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore)02:55
5.Carbonized Eye Sockets01:11
6.Frenzied Detruncation00:59
7.Vomited Anal Tract01:45
9.Fermenting Innards02:35
10.Excreted Alive01:21
13.Microwaved Uterogestation01:24
14.Feast On Dismembered Carnage01:27
15.Splattered Cavities01:54
17.Burnt to a Crisp02:43
18.Pungent Excruciation02:31
19.Manifestation of Verrucose Urethra01:02
20.Oxidised Razor Masticator03:13
21.Mucopurulence Excretor01:09
22.Malignant Defecation02:14
Total playing time39:41

Annihilator - Never, Neverland (1990)

[Thrash Metal Canadiense]

1.The Fun Palace05:51
2.Road to Ruin03:42
3.Sixes and Sevens05:20
5.Never Neverland05:29
6.Imperiled Eyes05:27
7.Kraf Dinner02:41
9.Reduced to Ash03:09
10.I Am In Command03:34
Total playing time44:02

Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare (1988)

[Thrash Metal Estadounidense]

1.Eternal Nightmare06:11
2.Serial Killer02:59
4.Calling In The Coroner03:55
5.T.D.S.(Take It As You Will)05:04
6.Bodies On Bodies05:47
7.Kill On Command04:56
Total playing time35:23

miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2006

Voivod - War and Pain (1984)

[Thrash Metal Canadiense]

2.Warriors of Ice05:10
3.Suck Your Bone03:39
4.Iron Gang04:21
5.War and Pain04:59
7.Live For Violence05:16
8.Black City05:12
9.Nuclear War07:01
Total playing time42:42

Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka (1998)

[Brutal/Technical Death Metal U.S.A]

1.Smashing The Antiu02:18
2.Barra Edinazzu02:47
3.Kudurru Maqlu01:06
4.Serpent Headed Mask02:18
5.Ramses, Bringer Of War04:46
6.Stones Of Sorrow04:17
7.Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche03:13
8.The Howling Of The Jinn02:35
9.Pestilence And Iniquity01:54
10.Opening Of The Mouth03:40
11.Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand04:18
Total playing time33:12

martes, 12 de diciembre de 2006

Violator - Chermical Assault (2006)

(Thrash Metal Brasileño)

1-Atomic Nightmare
3-Destined to Die
4-Addicted to Mosh
5-Brainwash Possession
6-Ordered to Thrash
7-Toxic Death
8-Lethal Injection
9-The Plague Returns
10-After Nuclear Devastation

Violator - Violet Mosh EP (2004)

[Thrash Metal Blasileño]

1.Let The Violation Begin
2.Thrash Maniax
3.Artillery Attack
4.The Plague Never Dies
5.Shadow Of Death *
6.Killer Instinct *

Total playing time 28:16

*Bonus Track: Temas grabados para el compilado "Fast Food Thrash"

Combat Tour 1985

[Thrash Black Metal V/A]

Slayer - Venom - Exodus

Sodom - Sodom (2006)

[Black/Speed/Thrash Metal Aleman]

1. Blood On Your Lips 04:43
2. Wanted Dead 03:57
3. Buried In The Justice Ground 03:09
4. City Of God 04:36
5. Bibles And Guns 03:31
6. Axis Of Evil 04:35
7. Lords Of Depravity 02:48
8. No Captures 04:47
9. Lay Down The Law 03:56
10. Nothing To Regret 02:53
11. The Enemy Inside 04:06
Total playing time 43:01

Sabbat - History of a Time to Come (1988)

[Thrash Metal Aleman]

2.A Cautionary Tale04:17
3.Hosanna In Excelsis04:03
4.Behind The Crooked Cross06:01
5.Horned Is The Hunter08:10
6.I For An Eye05:25
7.For Those Who Died06:25
8.A Dead Man's Robe04:49
9.The Church Bizarre05:08
Total playing time46:27

Agressor - Neverending Destiny (1990)

[Death/Thrash Metal Frances]

1.Paralytic Disease02:51
2.The Unknown Spell02:20
3.Elemental Decay04:48
4.Voices From Below03:20
5.Bloodfeast (CD-Bonus)02:29
6.Neverending Destiny03:40
7.Prince Of Fire03:37
8.Dark Power05:49
9.The Arrival02:37
11.Bloody Corpse04:37
Total playing time39:05

Scream Blody Gore (1987)

[Death Metal Estadounidense]

1.Infernal Death02:54
2.Zombie Ritual04:35
3.Denial of Life03:38
6.Regurgitated Guts03:47
7.Baptized in Blood04:32
8.Torn to Pieces03:38
9.Evil Dead03:02
10.Scream Bloody Gore04:35
Total playing time37:54